Tuesday, 14 December 2010

So long blog.....

Finally everything is done, finished, ended, to do with our media video that is...

We all really enjoyed it and, even though it took us a long time we would all go back and do it again!
Overall we a pleased with every bit our our project and think it all works really well as a whole and separatley.
Any comments on any of our blog posts may be answered if we ever come back on here again which im sure we will to show friends etc.
Anyway, Thanks to everybody who has been reading the blog and who has watched our video and also to everybody who has helped us through the feedback.

From all of us....

BYE :)

Editing posts, publishing drafts.

After posting the Directors' Commentary video onto this blog, I decided to go through our blog posts to see if anything needed correcting, or if anything needed adding. I also completed posts that we hadn't finished a while back, during the research and planning stages of this project. The main thing I would like to edit however is the Directors' Commentary, because of the length and the numerous pauses we all made whilst talking. I cannot do anything about this though because the project is now over.

Ideas for IStopMotion....

We have already thought about our transition between real time and istop motion footage, however whilst it is I Stop Motion we need to create a narrative that lasts about 3 and a half minutes. This means it needs to be really well planned before we start filming.

We have therefore split roles for planning between us in order the maximum amount of detail is there in the final video. Phil focused on the timeline of the video and the narrative. Chris made the extra props that are mentioned in the song, e.g. the Dimes (sells for, three dimes a night) etc. I have been designing the characters and creating the background image as well as learning the introduction of the song on piano for the scenes that are live action.

Analysing an old student music video.

We will analyse the videos with Goodwin's points, these points are.....
  1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics (e.g. stage performance in metal video, dance routine for boy/girl band).
  2. There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting).
  3. There is a relationship between music and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting).
  4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work (a visual style).
  5. There is frequently reference to notion of looking (screens within screens, telescopes, etc) and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body.
  6. There is often intertextual reference (to films, tv programmes, other music videos etc).

The video that we looked at was by older long road student, they were in group 51 in 2009:

The music video we chose to analyse demonstrates genre characteristics by relating it to a club scene as it is in the dark and also uses fluorescent paints. The song is very up beat and the dancing matches with the beats.

The relationship between visuals and lyrics is shown by the scenes where one of the people in the video is singing, with only his lips and borders of his eyes are visible, for example where the phrase "woah oh" is sung, the person's fluorescent eyes widen and scrunch up.

We liked how they thought about the video differently and did theirs in the dark instead and used flourresant paints on there faces and hands. It gave the song more of a techno feel to it and made it fun to watch, this meant that there was a good relationship between music and visuals which is number 3 on Goodwin's Points.

There seems to be not much attempt at selling the artist as although there are close ups of the artist, you cannot make out any features of the artist and his/ her appearance remains a mystery to the viewer. Though if there were any other known videos with this artist, there would probably be the continuation of him/her wearing fluorescent paints on his/her body, creating a motif that will be recognised by fans of the artist.

There isn't really any reference to the notion of looking and voyeurism of the female body as there is no other screens it is just the artists on screen dancing and singing, as well as the darkness in the video making it impossible to see much other than the fluorescent paints.

There is no intertextual reference to any other media types.

The professional music video we chose was Situations by Escape the Fate:

The genre of music is represented in the video, with the eventual performance of the song by the band near the end of the video, with the crowd in almost a riot atmosphere.

The lyrics go well with the visuals, with the reference of the girls in the lyrics being portrayed in the video, example the "fish on a hook" scene in the medical room.

The music goes with the visuals, with the band playing their instruments in time with the music. The focus of the video is mostly on the lead singer of the band, but each band member gets his screen time to allow the audience to develop a preference of the band members.

This video is incredibly voyeuristic, with constant focus on the female body by the band, and as the video progresses, the females in the video acquire more revealing clothes and in the end lingerie.

There isn't any apparent intertextual reference in the video, except that the drummer of Escape the Fate resembles greatly the appearance of the famous guitarist Slash from Guns n Roses. This however may just be coincidence.

Mise en scene research.

As the most of our video is i-stop, mise-en-scene is very important for ensuring the music video is enjoyable to watch.

We have taken a lot of time designing Jainy, and her outfit. Although in the end we went with a very simplistic dress, and she herself looks very plain, it works with the video; because it gives her an innocent vibe:
Jainy will have blond hair when we give her colour, and her dress will be white with light blue in the section where it makes a triangular shape at the front.

Since this design, we have drawn Jainy in a less complicated pose, so that we can manipulate her movements with greater ease when doing the i-stop.

We have also based the male character on a previous cartoon, this time though a Japanese animation:

We changed our male character slightly to the above cartoon, just to keep it original and to ensure we wouldn't be caught out for any copying infringement. It was more for the shape of the male character and hair style that the picture above was used for.

The location that we drew was heavily based on a photo found on google images, though the idea of such a location came from the music video made by a previous media group called 'The Milkmaid'; after seeing how well a field scenery worked. We also didn't want anything too complicated, so to avoid taking away the interest of Jainy and the male character when they were in motion.

This is the photo we used as a template for our location:

We decided to also add other little details during the video, such as the Sun and the Moon, so that time of day was easily determined as well as other objects such as dimes, hearts and stars which came directly from the narrative of the lyrics. We are also adding musical notes during the motion during scenes that may be a bit dull compared to the others.

Directors' Commentary

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to edit out most of the 'umms' and 'ahhs' from the video. But we managed to include shots from the music video and pictures that were relevant to what we were talking about.


The final piece to our blog puzzle, its the directors commentary.

Maybe a smidge longer than our music video and we have added in clips of things that link to what we are saying so hopefully this is perfect :)
Its taken us a long time so i do hope you all appreciate it :)
Anyways, the actual video will be in the post following this one as it has to be uploaded separately so this is the penultimate post, feels weird saying that!
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